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The flow of funds within the Stardust system is very well defined in both how money can be deposited and the KYC / AML checks that are involved. Depositing money within a Stardust custodial wallet (also known as a Vault) can happen in one of two ways; via Stripe, a provider that allows for debit and credit card transactions, or through transferring crypto already owned by a user their external blockchain wallet to their Stardust one. If the user transfers from an outside wallet to a Stardust one, we confirm the user’s external wallet is not flagged for suspicious activity through Chainalysis. Regardless of which flow the user chooses to deposit funds with (card or external transfer), they flow through a KYC and AML process through a provider such as Persona. Through Persona, we validate that a user is not from a sanctioned country and is someone we can do business with. Levels of KYC vary depending on the amount deposited within a Stardust custodial wallet, the higher the amount deposited, the more stringent the KYC requirements.

When a wallet has cryptocurrency within it, the user can then use the Stardust marketplace to spend that currency on NFTs, items used within games on the Stardust platform. The seller incurs a fee for selling their NFTs that is paid to both Stardust and potentially the game developer. Stardust also maintains KYC on any parties that are benefitting from fees on the marketplace - such as the game developer.

Funds can be withdrawn from Stardust custodial wallet to a user's external wallet as well through the marketplace. These users have been KYC’d originally having put money into their Stardust wallet, but Stardust also performs a check when a user withdraws funds to an external blockchain wallet using Chainalysis. Chainalysis flags any suspicious wallet, such as whether it's a known wallet from a sanctioned country, individual, or entity. Should a user attempt to withdraw funds to an external address that is flagged by Chainalysis, the user’s Stardust account will immediately be flagged for additional KYC checks before proceeding.

NLMS ID: 2353969

Money Transmitter Licensed States:

Arkansas - License # 129828

Arizona - License # 1043307

District of Columbia - License # MTR2353969

Georgia - License # 2353969

Idaho - License # MTL-349

Illinois - License # MT0000456

Iowa - License # 2023-0016

Kansas - License # MT.0000247

Kentucky - License # SC819314

Louisiana - License # 2353969

Louisiana (Virtual Currency) - License # 2353969

Maine - License # 2353969

Maryland - License # 2353969

Massachusetts - License # FT2353969

Minnesota - License # MN-MT-2353969

Mississippi - License # MT/2353969/2023

Nebraska - License # 2353969

New Mexico - License # 2353969

North Carolina - License # 216686

North Dakota - License # MT104202

Oklahoma - License # 2353969

Oregon - License # 2353969

South Carolina - License # 2353969

South Dakota - License # 235969.MT

Washington - License # 550-MT-147822

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